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health care chatbot

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How am I helping the mankind ?

You can chat with me to get diagnosed by symptoms. I can recognise 280+ symptoms. When you entered the symptoms, I will analyse 445+ health problems. Then finally, I will come up with predictions of some health problems that you might have. 

You can also chat with me to get detailed information about 445+ health problems. The information includes name, description, possible symptoms, treatment and medical condition of the health problem. 


I am trained to recognize 280+ symptoms.

Health problems

I am able to provide detailed information about 445+ health problems.

Smart conversation

I am designed to handle all user inputs.

Medical Data
  • Trusted for 1.75 million health checks so far.

  • Developed by swiss doctors.

  • Adopted by European clinics.


This chatbot can deployed anywhere (including websites, social media and apps) 

Free of cost

This chatbot runs on free version of cloud services. So no need to worry about developing and running cost.

Developed with ❤️ by Heflin Stephen Raj S

🚫Warning: Developed for educational purpose only.

Seeking to build this advanced healthcare chatbot from scratch?
Ping me for my tutorials to create this chatbot today.

Thanks for inquiring about the project.

I will get back to you ASAP.

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