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Develop Covid Dashboard from scratch and host it on Heroku [Project]

Hello there, If you want to develop data dashboard websites but don’t know much or anything about web development. Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will be developing a simple and dynamic covid data dashboard website in python using Streamlit from scratch. And at the end of this blog, we will host our covid dashboard website on Heroku for free. What are you waiting for? let’s get started.


Free Cloud Storage to read data in python

When we have to move our data to public trusted cloud providers, we will be locked with credit card bills. The same situation happened to me when I was looking for free cloud storage to host the data for my machine learning projects. After covering all the top public cloud storage providers, I came up with a simple solution. That is IBM Cloud Object Storage. In this article, I will take you to Free IBM Cloud Object Storage.


Build Free Object Detection Machine Learning model without code

When I started my journey in machine learning, I used to play with simple machine algorithms. For a beginner, building a machine learning model from scratch for detecting an object in the picture is almost impossible. I was looking for a free pre-built visual recognition model on the cloud. Then I came up with the easiest solution. That is a pre-built visual recognition model from IBM Watson. In this article, we will build our own visual recognition machine learning model for detecting the object in the picture in IBM Watson from scratch without a single line of code.

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