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health care chatbot

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How am I helping the mankind ?

You can chat with me to get diagnosed by symptoms. I can recognise 280+ symptoms. When you entered the symptoms, I will analyse 445+ health problems. Then finally, I will come up with predictions of some health problems that you might have. 

You can also chat with me to get detailed information about 445+ health problems. The information includes name, description, possible symptoms, treatment and medical condition of the health problem. 



I am trained to recognize 280+ symptoms.

Smart conversation

I am designed to handle all user inputs.

Health problems

I am able to provide detailed information about 445+ health problems.

My Database is created by Swiss doctors, adopted by european clinics and trusted 1.7 million health checks so far.
Developed by Heflin Stephen Raj S for Smart India Hackathon organised by Patrician College of Arts & Science and Indian Servers.

Please give sometimes for the chat icon to get appeared. 

If you don't see the chat icon, please reload the page.

If I cloud not receive your messages or response to your queries, Please reload the page. 

If you encountered any error, Please contact the developer at here


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