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IBM Watson services - beginner's track


I was the guest speaker for IBM Watson services - beginner's track organise by KIT – CIII Centre for Industry Institute Interactions, Kalaignarkarunanidhi Institute of Technology Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Participation of this webinar was limited to the students and staffs of KIT College. More than 70 participants attended this online webinar. In this session, I demonstrated How to use IBM Watson Visual Recognition in Python, IBM Watson Text to Speech in Python, IBM Watson Speech to Text in Python and how to build a chatbot on IBM Watson assistant (WikiPedia Chatbot) with IBM Cloud functions. This webinar was a live online event happened on Google Meet. 


Rating: 4.04 out of 5 | 23 participants rated | 14 Positive Feedbacks received | No Negative Feedbacks received

Certificate for appreciation

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Heflin Stephen is a ready to explore and help attitude student. I had invited him to speak to my students, to share his learning and mastering in IBM Watson. Found him dedicated and friendly, encouraging students to interact. Wishing him the best to come to enhance his career. Good Luck.​

From Dr Mahalakshmi K, Dean - Center for Industry Institute Interactions

Nice session 
From Madhanagopal. K, Student of KIT College.

From Rameshwaran A, Student of KIT College.


From Abinaya, Student of KIT College.


Very useful and informative session
From R.suruthika, Student of KIT College.


Nice session.. Informative
From Menaga.M, Student of KIT College.


Learnt something new on cloud . It was a nice session on the whole.
From Vishalini.N, Student of KIT College.


Thank you for ur informative session 
From SRIMATHI R, Student of KIT College.


The Webinar was good.
From Arunprasath B, Student of KIT College.


This is very informative session 
From ASNI. S, Student of KIT College.


It's is very informative to me, tq sir and mam
From Threga. T, Student of KIT College.

Good.Informative session
From Sabitha Devi.J, Student of KIT College.


From Sangeetha.T, Student of KIT College.


*A good webinar .. by a speaker the way his teaching is really good and understandable..and got some ideas about IBM Watson services to get used to it ..
*Thank you so much sir ..and mam for giving an opportunity for webinar..
*Looking forward for more webinars on future.
From G.sai harini, Student of KIT College.


From Aruna. P, Student of KIT College.

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